State Plates Project


Stoked to be a contributor to the State Plates Project and take on New Mexico. This project is a collaboration with 50 designers to redesign each state's license plate. Such an awesome idea that Jonathan Lawrence made happen, can’t wait to see the remaining states.

Learn more about the project here, and read a bit about the rationale behind the design:

"New Mexico boasts a beautiful and diverse landscape that includes plains, mountains, basins, mesas, and desert lands. I wanted nature to be a highlight of the design, and the sun & sky imagery work well with the colors of the state flag, yellow and red. New Mexico is one of only four U.S. state flags to not contain blue. The Zia sun symbol has been used on all past license plates. It is an important identifier for the state, and represents “a perfect friendship among united cultures.”

State Plates Project - New Mexico

Shop Now Open


Excited to launch my new shop this week! I have two verse prints available, one that I just recently wrapped up - Psalm 103:1. For a limited time use the promo code FREESHIP at checkout to get free US shipping.

Psalm 103:1
12" x 12" screen print on 100 lb French Construction Whitewash

Weapons of Mass Creation 4

A few months back Bryan Butler and I made it out to Weapons of Mass Creation. I submit that you will struggle to find another group of hard working people that are more genuine, open, and passionate about their craft as much as the folks in our creative industry. Check out the recap video and do make it out next year if you have the chance.

Andrew Carnegie

It marks a big step in your development when you come to realize that other people can help you do a better job than you could do alone.

-Andrew Carnegie

This is a new quote to me that my friend Vineet shared with me that I found challenging. In the past collaboration has proven to be difficult at times. It's hard for me to believe that others can execute my idea better than I could, or even at all at times.